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Welcome to your Quran basic

How many Surahs in the Quran?

It guides to that which is good and we have believed in it.

Peace be upon you strange people

There is no rescue today from the order of Allah

The All knowledgable and All Aware informed me

This is what myself tempted me into doing

We have found that which our Lord has promised to be true

And I have been given from everything..

I did not do it from my own accord

I give life and death

Do not kill him, perhaps he will benefit us

Aid us with some water

O our Lord, pour patience upon us and cause us to die as Muslims

I have vowed for you what is in my womb

Shall I guide you to a household?

I shall surely kill you

What will you worship after me?

If he does not do what I order him

I shall bring it to you before you stand

Alas! I wish I had never associated anyone with my Lord (in worship)

From where did you get this?

What my Lord has provided for me is far better

He has definitely wronged you in demanding ˹to add˺ your sheep to his

even though we are many in number

Will you place in it those who will cause corruption therein?

I am to you both from those who advise

We can never be patient with one (type) of food

Allah is testing you with a river

Do as you have been ordered

O my Lord make this city one of security/safety

To satisfy my heart

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